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Cai cai balão

CAI CAI BALAO by Sissel Morell Dargis. A documentary mobile game where you, together with people from Rio's favelas, chase giant hot air balloons to gain the respect of the community.



The documentary game CAI CAI BALAO is a tribute to the Brazilian balloon culture that has been forbidden since the 90’s. The game explores the symbolism of the balloons and the community around them. All characters are real balloon hunters, including the main character Simba who the player incorporates in the journey into the secret balloon world of Brazil.

Watch the trailer


This project has been made with the effort from a bunch of lovely people. We are Look Up Games and we hope to bring raw reality into the spheres of main stream entertainment. 

Through this game we wish to create a portals into beautiful and intriguing universe and through the energy that rises from that, promote understanding, sympathy and cultural diversity.

Director - Sissel Morell Dargis


Produced by the National Film School of Denmark.

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