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Cathedral of Sorrow

CATHEDRAL OF SORROW is a horror game about the algorithms we let govern our life. Every nightmare is generated by an artificial intelligence designed to make you suffer.



Enter the Cathedral of Sorrow. Its simple wooden walls hide a twisted labyrinth housing the deprived and the depraved and an unknown force watching your every move and adapting the nightmare within. Face your fears, press on against the darkness and stare back at the abyss.


Cathedral of Sorrow is an experimental horror game. Combining frantic first-person gameplay and immersive storytelling with procedural level generation and sophisticated machine learning. The Cathedral scars your mind and breaks your heart using real artificial intelligence and machine learning to profile your fears and adapt the game to break you.


Immerse yourself in a story of algorithmic cruelty, and how the systems we design to help us turn into jailers. Seek out those trapped in the nightmare with you to learn the truth of what happened to you. And should you fail, the Cathedral will embrace you once more, eager to surprise and terrify you in new and malicious ways.

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Written and directed - Alexander Tange

Storyworld and Concept - Alexander Tange

Storyworld and Concept - Alma Dyekjær Giese

Storyworld and Concept - Carl Christian Helgers

Storyworld and Concept - Magnus Laursen

Cast: Thomas - Magnus Bruun

Cast: John - Joachim Kubel

Cast: Dave - Adam Schmidt

Cast: Signe - Maria Winther Nørgaard

Cast: Amy - Siff Andersson

Cast: The Anomaly - Alex Lehman

Producer - Alma Dyekjær Giese

Production Manager - Sophie Elina Hahn

Art Director - Troels Jørgensen

Production Designer - Ronja Tange

Game Designer - Stella Vaka

Game Designer - Martin Hansen

Game Designer - Magnus Laursen

Narrative Designer - Magnus Laursen

Programming - Michał Pikulski

Programming - Piotr Ładoński

Programming - Samuel Chaput

Programming - Jonathan Mogensen

CG Artist - Nanna Vallentin Olsen

CG Artist - Daviid Ranløv

CG Artist - Alexandar Kierkegaard

CG Artist - Anton Boutrup Hartfelt

Rigging - Anders Dick

Audio Design - Mads Hølmer

Audio Design - Jakob Sproegel

Audio Design - Niels Faaborg

Composer - Vaeis Omar

Produced by the National Film School of Denmark.

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