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MAJESTIC is a pc game where you start as a baby dragon and must survive a harsh environment and grow big and strong and majestic



MAJESTIC is a pc game that takes place in a world where magic is on the verge of extinction. Humans have discovered that crystals from dragons have a powerful strength in them which gives special abilities and energy to their cities. But dragons cannot live without their crystals. You are one of the few dragons left to fight for your race and magic, hoping to get the world back in balance again.

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Director: Melanie Kyhnæb

Producer: Sofie Bergstein

Tonemester: Nora Øland

Sounddesigner: Andreas Liboriussen

Manus: Emilie Koefoed Larsen

Lead Programmer: Lisbeth Rasmussen


Produced by the National Film School of Denmark.

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