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STAY is an 11-minute 2D animated short film about how our ambitions can neglect the presence of our loved ones. With the voices of Martin Brygmann and Anders Morgenthaler among others.



STAY is an 11-minute 2D animated short film. It is about the busy conductor Martin, who on the day of an important concert, gets into an argument with his 7-year-old son Anker. Martin is sucked into one of Anker's drawings, and meets two fantasy creatures Play and Presence. They set out together to help Martin return to reality, Anker and himself.


STAY is one of the National Filmschool school's most comprehensive 2D animation production to date, and is based on the director Lukas´'s own life as a father. The concept has been developed in collaboration with his son Otto, who has also voiced Anker and drawn the backgrounds together with Lukas.

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Director - Lukas Øhlers Damgaard

Producer - Kristian Pugholm

Sound Designer - Nanna Buch

Composer - Emil Smith

Manus - Lukas Øhlers Damgaard & Mona Omar

Line Producer - Elena Alexa

Animatic - Mikkel Mainz / Skjald

Animation Supervisor - Tore Poulsen

Animation - The Animation Workshop


Produced by the National Film School of Denmark.

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