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The Enemy Within

THE ENEMY WITHIN is a seven minute short film, about Strength, revenge and survival.


Melody loses herself to her friend's betrayal, living with the stains of his true colors on her skin. When her strength returns, so does he, but this time she is ready. 

Will she be able to hold onto who is now?



THE ENEMY WITHIN is a short film about Strength, revenge and survival.


Melody Sloan has been betrayed by her friend. Living with the stains and scars of his true colors on her skin. She finds comfort with a medic, and when her old friend comes back to invade her new found strength, Melody is ready to meet his desperation. But in the heat of the battle… Can she hold onto who she is now?


Watch it in full here: Vimeo

(Password needed:  EnemyWith1n)

Watch the trailer


Director, Manuscript, Art - Nana Jørly Sørensen

Vocals - Emilie Yung Meiling

Cast: Melody and Rosa - Erika Havasi

Cast: Terrence - Chris Vincent

Comp and additional art - Lars Hummelshøj

Production Lead - Thomas-Bo Huusmann

Producer - Anna Cold Winge Leisner

Trailer Editor - Matilda Lind

Composer - Jonathan Schou

Conceptual Composer - Mathias Loose

Sound Designer and Assistant Director - Hannah Zwennes

Post Coordinator - Fie Astra Ørnsø

Bookkeeping - Jette Hedegaard

Production Office - Anna Hommel

Press and Marketing Coordinator - Sofie Bjerregaard

Technical Support - Carsten finn Jensen

Technical Support - Anders Svanborg

Technical Support - Leif Kristensen

Technical Support - Andreas Løvstrøm Moe

Entry and Marketing Consultants - The Einsteins

Story Consultant - Simon Jon Andreasen

Story Consultant - Thomas Howalt​

Layout Consultant - Tod Polson

​Sound Consultant - Morten Dalsgaard

Sound Teacher - Rune Palving

Music Teacher - Niklas Schak

Foley Consultant - Rune Holberg

Feedback - Atli Arnarsson

Feedback - Freja Borrowman

Feedback - Amalie Kjeldergaard

Feedback - Jonathan Franz Kaiser

Feedback - Nora Øland

Special thanks

Hannah Zwennes, Mathias Loose, Amalie Kjeldergaard, Anna Cold, Jonathan Schou, Thomas Howalt, Simon Andreas, Lars, Mark B. Iversen,

Kirsten Skytte, Elias ‘Eli’ Weinberger and Nordisk Film for Foley studio.


Produced by The Danish Film School.

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